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Who we are

Under the system of franchising, we implement kiosks in malls and airports, that are destined for the commercialization of Bavarian Nuts, nuts originated in the region of Bavarian, Germany.

Bavarian Nuts are crunchy nuts that are caramelized in front of the consumers, in our sales outlet.

We are the owner of all necessary knowledge for these implementations in several levels; administration, marketing, management, quality control and results evaluation.

Using our technology, we develop all the equipment used, and all of them are patented to assure trustworthiness and exclusivity.

In Brazil, we offer an innovative system of franchising that generates our franchisers above the pattern profitability.

In addition, through our concept called Flexprice, the commercialization of the Bavarian Nuts Nutty UP occurs without fixed prices impositions to the franchisers, allowing a fundamental adjustment of the sales values to the consumer´s profiles and consequently the consolidation of business in places with all kinds of social class public.


We are also interested in the business expansion to other countries – through the concession of Master Franchising.

In case of interest in evaluate our business conditions contact us initially through the follow email address: franchising@nuttyup.com.br

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